ADULT Learn-to-Row Registration/Payment

Need To Know Information

Although it is unlikely that a rower will enter the water during the learn-to-row sessions, rowing is a sport which takes place around and on top of water. All rowers will have lifejackets within an arm’s reach when in the rowing shells. BUT, it is important that a rower is able to make use of the lifejacket should they enter the water. Therefore, we require that all rowers have the ability to swim 100 yards and tread water for 5 minutes unassisted and without taking a break. Please contact if you cannot perform this task.

Please wear workout-type clothing for your learn-to-row sessions. Make sure your short/pants are tight-fitting so the material does not get caught in the sliding seat of the shell. Always bring PLENTY of water and wear sunscreen. Please register by following these steps before your first session.



Step 1 |  US Rowing Waiver

The Rochester Rowing Club requires that all adult participants sign a USRowing Waiver before participating in a learn-to-row session. Please write down this number and keep it on hand if you decide to join the club after your learn-to-row session. When asked for our club or team name use 550 and it will bring up the Rochester Rowing Club, Minnesota. You only need the standard (not championship) membership. Use GDYE7 to unlock our club’s roster. Follow the directions on this page. (Click HERE) You will be charged a $9.75 fee by USRowing when you sign your waiver. 

(For more detailed directions/information about your waiver, CLICK HERE)

Step 2 | Registration Form

Complete and submit the form below. You will not be fully registered until we receive a completed form and payment.

Step 3 | Payment

Click HERE to pay. Cost is $125.00. Your registration is not complete until your payment and registration form are submitted.

  • Please confirm which dates you will be attending Learn-To-Row by choosing 6 of the following 8 dates.
    Please talk with coach if you are unable to tread water for 5 minutes.