Rochester Rowing Club of Minnesota | Adult Program
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Adult Program

​The Rochester Rowing Club​​​’s adult program is for rowers of all athletic backgrounds and ages.



Our adult learn-to-row sessions are July 11-14 and July 18-21, 2016. Click HERE to see our adult learn-to-row brochure.


Participants should choose six days to attend out of the possible eight days. The sessions take place at 6:00 to 8:o0 pm at the Rochester Rowing Club boathouse (710 West Silver Lake Drive (behind the old Silver Lake Fire Station). Please wear workout clothing and bring plenty of water.


The cost is $150 for six sessions. We are having technical difficulties with our REGISTER/PAY page for the adult learn-to-row. Please FIRST click on “New JUNIOR Member Register/Pay” and THEN click on “ADULT Learn-to-Row Register/Pay” and the “ADULT Learn-to-Row Register/Pay” will come right up. You can find these under “REGISTER/PAY” on the navigation bar.


If you have any trouble populating the “ADULT Learn-to-Row Register/Pay” page, please indicate your interest and which six days out of the eight offered you are planning to attend by signing up here. We will contact you with further instructions.



During the rowing season (from the second week in April to the end of October), adults who have on-the-water experience meet two evenings a week (depending on schedules) and Saturday mornings at 10:30 am – noon. Coached sessions will occur once a week. In addition, experienced rowers may arrange to meet at other times when schedules permit.


For your safety, the club requires adults to carry life jackets in their shells at all times. When rowing with RRC equipment, at least two rowers should be on the water at all times and within sight of each other.


​Adults who are interested in learning how to row should contact the head coach ​at You will be contacted when we have enough adults to hold a learn-to-row session.