Junior Development/Novice Program

Rochester Rowing Club’s Junior Development/Novice Program draws youth from all over southeastern Minnesota who train as the Rochester Rowing Club ‘Development’ part of the RRCMN Juniors Division. RRC runs a year round program for new rowers (Novices), and once your first year is complete rowers can continue in the Development Program, or advance to Competitive Program, though rowers may advance earlier if their training is going well and the desire is there.  Both programs are organized by seasons: Fall (September through early November); Winter Training (December-March); Spring (March-May); and Summer (June to mid August). In addition to on-water rowing technique, these rowers are taught boat handling, safety on the water, as well as indoor rowing technique on the ergometer (aka, rowing machine.) Rochester Rowing Club’s Junior Programs are designed to help athletes improve in all aspects of fitness, mental toughness, discipline, and team building.  The program is coached by experienced coaches who make learning to row easy and fun.  If you have questions about rowing contact Coach by email. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY..

**During the winter season this program is also perfect for athletes looking to work on their general strength and fitness, and we welcome those participants.


2018 SPRING SEASON | MARCH 19th – MAY 26th | EDGE FITNESS | $385 – $600

(Includes 1 regatta for Novice and 2 regattas for Development)



Rowing : Mon, Thur 3:30pm-5:45pm

Fitness: Tue, Wed 5:30pm-7:00pm


Register for our Upcoming Season HERE:



The Rochester Rowing Club strives to keep dues as minimal as possible while maintaining excellent staff and good equipment. We have bench-marked other sports and found that RRC continues to be one of the best sports values in the region.  Every athlete is required to pay an annual $100 equipment fee which helps to meet the growing demands for equipment and maintenance.  In addition to dues, we are dependent on the wonderful generosity of our parents and others to keep our budget balanced and to meet the growing demands for equipment and coaches.  RRCMN offers payment plans and scholarships to help with the cost.

SPRING 2018 Flyer


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