JUNIOR Member Registration/Payment

Follow these Steps to register for SPRING 2018 Junior Programs

(You may skip steps 1 and the swim test portion of step 5 during WINTER TRAINING. You may also skip steps 1-5 if you have completed them in the past and are up-to-date)

Step 1: USRowing Waiver

Rower must sign a USRowing Waiver and write down the number. When asked for our club or team name use 550 and it will bring the Rochester Rowing Club, Minnesota up. Use GDYE7 to unlock our club’s roster. Follow the directions on this page. You only need the standard membership (not the championship membership). You will be charged a $5.75 charge by USRowing when you sign your waiver. (Click HERE)  


Step 2: RRC Email List Sign-Up

Rowers AND parents must join Rochester Rowing Club email-list (via Mail Chimp ~ please make sure you are set to receive emails from rrcmn.org@gmail.com). Most of our communications are by email. If you are unable to submit your email address and name it means that you are already in our system.  (Click HERE


Step 3: Group Text Sign-Up

Rower must sign-up on Remind 101. Coaches may text rowers with late practice schedule changes due to weather, etc.  (Click HERE)


Step 4:  RRC Member Account Sign-up

Create a family RRCMN account (rowers will use the site to access training videos, RRC “How-to” information, contact list).  (Click HERE)


Step 5:  Swim Test & Physical Forms

Rower must take a YMCA swim test and turn in a physical exam form after registration is completed. Download the swim test form for instructions. Any doctor’s physical exam form is acceptable.


Step 6:  Registration

Complete and submit the following registration form. You will not be fully registered until we receive a completed swim form and physical exam form. Copies of all the pdf’s you are asked to read during your registration are available under “FORMS.”

All Junior Members, both current and new, please complete this form. Thank you!
  • Select the junior program that you are registering for
  • Rower's BirthdayRower's SchoolGraduation Year 
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  • Only used if attempt to contact parents is unsuccessful.
  • Preferred HospitalInsurance PlanInsurance Number 
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  • RRCMN EMERGENCY MEDICAL PROCEDURES In the event I cannot be reached in an emergency, I authorize the Rochester Rowing Club of Minnesota to administer First Aid and secure medical care. I give permission to the treating physician, chosen by the RRC, to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and order X – rays, tests, injections anesthesia or surgery for my child. This authorization does not cover major surgery unless the medical opinions of two other licensed physicians or dentists concurring in the necessity for such surgery are obtained prior to the performance of such surgery. This authorization also applies for all RRCMN sanctioned regattas.
  • Acts of conduct which, in the opinion of the Board of Directors or RRCMN Staff, are injurious or detrimental to the good order, welfare, best interests, or character of the RRCMN, or at variance with the requirements of the organization's policies will not be tolerated. Although it is not possible to list every type of prohibited conduct, examples of such misconduct include, but are not limited to, the following: physical or verbal (oral or written) abuse of a fellow member, an employee or a guest; discourteous and/or disrespectful treatment of coaches and staff; physical or verbal (oral or written) abuse of a member, employee or guest of other boat clubs or river organizations; discourteous and/or disrespectful treatment of other boaters, coaches, race officials and staff, hotel, restaurant or transportation staff; damage to, destruction of, or misuse or theft of any property owned or used by the RRC, a fellow member, an employee, a guest, hotel, restaurant or transportation vehicle; intentional falsification of the records including, but not limited to the payment of dues or fees; or defrauding, or attempting to defraud, the RRCMN. Click here for complete Conduct For Athletes & Parents
  • Any club member caught with illegal drugs on rowing club property, on a rowing-related trip or in proximity of those with illegal drugs will immediately be permanently banned from the club. If the rower is less than 18 years of age, their parents will immediately be notified. If the rower is on a trip or at an event, they will be immediately expelled from the trip at their own expense. Any member less than 21 years of age caught with alcohol, any member that is caught serving alcohol to a minor, any member that is clearly intoxicated or any member that is caught in proximity with one of the above members will immediately be permanently banned from the club. If the rower is less than 18 years of age, their parents will immediately be notified. If the rower is on a trip or at an event, they will be immediately expelled from the trip at their own expense. All decisions will be made by the consensus of the coaching staff. Appeals may be made to the Rochester Rowing Club of Minnesota board of directors.
  • The care of the equipment at RRCMN is the responsibility of the rowers. In general, club equipment can only be used during supervised practices. Exceptions may be made for competitive juniors or adults on a case-by-case basis. Consult the head coach to have your case considered. Under no circumstances may non-members use club equipment. Members that encourage non-members to use club equipment without prior consent from a coach, even friends, family or former rowers, may be suspended from the club. DAMAGE AND REPAIRS Damage. If damage is deemed to be caused by negligence the rower will be responsible for paying for any needed repairs and/or the insurance deductible. Inflicting excessive or repetitive damage to club-owned boats may result in suspension from the program. Negligence and intent may result in suspension or expulsion. Repairs. Members should not perform repairs to boats without the approval of the RRC Executive Director and/or designee. When damage is caused rowers are required to fill out an incident report. Adjustment to Equipment. Members need approval prior to changing rigging on club equipment. Foot stretchers and spacers should be returned to starting location after the row. All boat damage requires an incident report to be filed immediately in the log book at the Boat House and reported to the coach/equipment manager.

Step 7: Payment

Pay for your rowing season(s). If you wish to pay in two installments, select “50% Payment.” A $100 equipment fee will be charged to all rowers once per year, unless ONLY participating in winter training. This fee will be due at time of registration (assessed yearly in the fall). If your first registration of the year occurs after the fall season the fee will be due when you register and will not be prorated. Your registration is not complete until your registration form is submitted (step 6).  (Click HERE)