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Junior Competitive Rowing Program

The Registration "Junior Competitive Rowing Program" is not currently available.


The Junior Competitive Program is part of the RRCMN Juniors division and offers a year round program for grades 8 to 12. The program includes competitive fall, spring and summer seasons as well as a winter conditioning program.  Unlike many sports, you can start rowing at any age (11+) and be successful. To join the Competitive Team, rowers must be dedicated and have a desire to excel on the water.  Joining the competitive team must be a decision made by the athlete, parents, and coaches. Any questions regarding the competitive team can be directed to Coach Caleb Schuder.

Winter Training Schedule

November 18-March 7th

Monday 3:15PM-5:30PM

Tuesday 3:15PM-5:15PM

Wednesday 3:15PM-5:30PM

Thursday 3:15PM-5:15PM

Friday 3:15PM-5:30PM

Saturday 7AM-9:30AM

All winter practices will be held at the Soldier's Field Golf Course. Athletes are required to have water bottles and non-street shoes that can be used to row at all practices.

OMC lifting will be conducted in two different phases this winter, the first phase's info is below:

Starting Tuesday, November 12th
Ending Saturday, December 21st

Tuesday 5:45-6:45PM
Thursday 5:45-6:45PM
Saturday 10-11AM

No lifting will be held on Thursday, November 28th or Saturday, November 30th

To register your athlete for lifting, please call OMC Athletic Training at (507) 535-1977 and ask to register for the Rochester Rowing Club's program. Please register your athlete before the start date of Tuesday, November 12th!

2019 Fall Season | 3 Regattas | $1,500

Fall Practice Schedule - Fall season starts september 9th

Monday 3:15PM-5:45PM

Tuesday 3:15PM-5:15PM

Wednesday 3:15PM-5:45PM

Thursday 3:15PM-5:15PM

Friday 3:15PM-6PM

Saturday 7AM-9:30AM

Lifting @ OMC

Tuesday 5:45PM-6:45PM

Thursday 5:45PM-6:45PM

Saturday 10AM-11AM


Head of Des Moines - September 28

Head of the Rock - October 13

Head of the Hooch - November 2, 3

Register Here:

To sign up for lifting, call the OMC Sports Medicine front desk at (507) 535-1977


The Rochester Rowing Club strives to keep dues as minimal as possible while maintaining excellent staff and good equipment. We have bench-marked other sports and found that RRC continues to be one of the best sports values in the region.  In addition to dues, we are dependent on the wonderful generosity of our parents and others to keep our budget balanced and to meet the growing demands for equipment and coaches.  RRCMN offers payment plans and scholarships to help with the cost.

Time to Gear Up for Winter Training

By Barnes 11/20/2019, 7:15pm CST

RRC has wrapped up the Fall season and we are just getting started with winter training.  This year,  winter training will be Soldiers Field:

We anticipate doing some winter races (erging competitions), so check out the calendar.   We are working on revamping the annual Power Pull we host here in Rochester.  More information to come.

Stay tuned for winter registration, it’ll be up in the next few days.